Our 2024 Grand Recital

Our Recitals will be held soon Saturday, May 11, 2024 at Olathe South High School.  We will post the schedule soon with which classes/teams will be in each show.  Plan on 4 shows that are spread throughout the day!

At Denise’s Dance Academy, we have a yearly Grand Recital that includes all of our dancers. Our show is held at a local high school performing arts center or other venue during the month of May  each year. All of our dancers participate in this great show – you won’t want to miss out on the fun! We have been producing outstanding quality recitals for 31 years at Denise’s Dance Academy.

Basic Info: In order to keep our shows short and enjoyable for our audiences, we feature each of our dancers in one of several shows. Each dancer in our Recreational Program will perform in two dances and the Grand Finale at one of our shows. Our Dress Rehearsals are held in class at the studio.

Recital Cost: Each dancer will be required to pay for their costumes – which vary depending on the classes. Families are also charged a Recital Fee, due in May, which covers the production costs associated with the recital, a required recital t-shirt, and a trophy for each dancer.  The t-shirt is a great keepsake for our dancers and features a cast list of all of the dancers in the show.  This year, our recital fee also covers a digital download of the entire show!  No need to order DVD’s this season.  Tickets will go on sale when the venue is confirmed.

Family-Friendly Music and Choreography: Our teachers and staff pride ourselves on keeping the recital suitable for families. We make sure that the music and choreography are family-friendly and age appropriate for everyone. The staff at DDA spends hours going through costume books and making sure our costumes are top-quality and suitable for all ages. This has been our tradition at DDA  since we opened in 1993 – we are very proud of that! We know you will enjoy the show and take pride in bringing friends and family to watch.